World War Z by Max Brooks

I read World War Z back in January of 2012, so it’s been a while and I am going by memory. I read this book because Nathan Fillion had stated in an interview that it was one of his favorite books. While I am excited to see the movie tomorrow, I can already tell that it is nothing like the book. The movie is about Brad Pitt all the time, the book was not set up that way, it did not have a ‘main character’ per se.  The novel is presented as a series of interviews with survivors of the “zombie war,” it depicts a world much like our own–except that the human population has been devastated by a zombie virus, by starvation and by nuclear attack.

I really, REALLY liked it, borderline loved it. My notes state that I felt that the book was like a puzzle, with short stories explaining different aspects of the war. Each story revealed a different part of the war and we see the progression of it throughout the book. The recall that the book was super scary because it was so believable. Okay maybe not the zombie part but Brook’s brings up issues like the military strategy required to fight an enemy whose ranks grow as yours shrink; the power of fear of the unknown to turn neighbors against one another; and the role of patriotism when fighting a global enemy. Brook’s real and honest view of what it would do to the human population and to their psyche to deal with a World War was beyond profound.

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