Desmond Pucket by Mark Tatulli

Desmond Pucket is a professor of frightology and master of monsters but most importantly entertaining for all ages. Desmond is a confident character. He goes out and purses his dream, even when most of the adults in his life don’t necessarily support him. His dream is to scare people with monsters. He comes up with ingenious monsters and innovative ways to use them to scare people.

The book deals with Desmond’s desire to on a class trip to Crab Shell Pier. But will his pranks get him kicked out of middle school before the class trip? Or will Desmond be able to keep his monster magic in check? Desmond sums it but best when he says: “But, dang, it’s really hard for me to hold back my natural scaring instincts!” For while others hear screaming, Desmond hears the “sound of cheers”.

The illustrations really add another dimension to the story and I never saw the same thing twice. While this book is geared toward middle school kids, I was thoroughly entertained. I loved the message of this book, to be true to oneself.

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