Quarentine #2: The Saints by Lex Thomas

“Graduation was the most important event in a McKinely student’s life. You’d made it through. You’d earned your freedom.” Yet, I have a feeling that freedom isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be in this universe and we will get to see what the outside world is like in book 2.

THAT was my prediction for Quarentine #2: The Saints by Lex Thomas. Over the course of the last few week, months, I would think of McKinely High and what the students were doing and what the outside world would look like. I had a vision of sorts for book two. Well, my vision was NO where near Lex Thomas’ vision. When we last left McKinely, a group of random kids broke into the school to free the trapped students. Of course, that would be too easy. This new group of kids are The Saints, from a rival school, and provide the only glimpse to the outside world. Their charismatic leader, Gates, drastically changes  McKinely High. If book 1 was about the reign of Sam as king, book two is very much about the reign of Gates. For a few chapters there, you believe that the blood bath of the first book is over. Kids interact with members of other gangs seemed to signal a new, easier existence.

But once again, Thomas writes a book that is not for the faint of heart. “Scalping a friend and having a breakdown were apparently exhausting.” And reading about it was also exhausting, the brutality was so graphic that I did have to put the book down and take a break a few times. That being said, Quarentine #2: The Saints is a wonderfully written novel, yes it is dark but also captivating. It is very much Lord of the Files but with a modern twist. Thomas brilliantly added new characters to add a new dynamic to the story, while evolving and growing the original characters. Lucy, Will, David and even Sam all change in unexpected ways but who wants to read a story where you know what is going to happen next?

Once again, Quarentine ends with so many things up in the air. Once again, I feel that the next book will show us the outside world. Once again, I am left wondering what the students of McKinely High School are doing and what the outside world looks like.

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