Insurgent by Veronic Roth

While it took me some time to get into Divergent, it took me no time to read Insurgent. In fact, I could not read fast enough. Insurgent begins an hour after the end of Divergent. Every choice has consequences, and Tris has to deal with the choices she made in Divergent and their consequences.

I think what I liked most about this book is that it answered a lot of questions I had in book 1. “The name you should give those people is Divergent.” At the same time, it raised new questions, most importantly if war is happening inside the fence and people are supposed to ‘safe’ inside the fence, then WHAT / WHO is so bad outside the fence? And like all good dystopian societies, nothing is ever what it seems. “You’re so busy worrying about the Divergent – like my mom – that you forget to worry about what the leaders are doing. It’s just a different kind of mind control.”

The ending – OH THIS JUST GOT GOOD – blew my mind. Roth’s greatest gift as an author is answering questions while raising new ones, ones that you never ever saw coming. In a way I am glad that I waited to read this series because now I only have to wait a month for the last book to come out. I really hope that Roth can brings this all together and finally explain everything.

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