Cress (Lunar Chronicles, Book 3) by Marissa Meyer


What? NO! How dare you?!? I did NOT stay up all night reading Cress by Marissa Meyer! Yes, that is my story and I am sticking to it. … … … Okay, OKAY. I totally stayed up all night reading Cress. I couldn’t put it down. It made me giddy with joy!!!

What? You want a more detail review than that? Fine. The gang is back and better than ever! One of my favorite aspects of The Lunar Chronicles is that each book in the series is better than the last. I think that is why I am such an advocate for the series. While I was hesitant about the whole adding Little Red Riding Hood into the mix, I was instantly in love with Cress. Cress is the re-envisioning of the fairy tale Rapunzel, where Rapunzel’s tower is a satellite.  We briefly met Cress in Cinder, but finally we find out more about the mysterious hacker who helped Cinder tell Prince Kai about Queen Levana’s evil plans for the Earth.

For more than seven years, the satellite has been “her nightmare.” Cress dreams of the day where she is told that she has “earned the trust and respect of Her Majesty, the Queen” and she can come back to Luna. But she is starting to realize that the cost is too great to earn the Queen’s trust and then there is Captain Carswell Thorne. “Seeing that smile, Cress melted. Every. Time.”

I am sooooo giddy with joy that right now that I am blissfully ignorant that I will have to wait another year before the next and final book of the series. Or it could be a lack of sleep. I’ve said this before and I will say it again, I really think that this series has much broader appeal than Young Adult. Cress comes out February 4th. Run, don’t walk to the nearest bookstore and pick  it up. Or pick up Cinder if you haven’t already read the series. You won’t be disappointed. AND I normally don’t recommend books this strongly.

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