The Dead Girl’s Dance (The Morganville Vampires series book 2) by Rachel Caine

DeadgirlsGood o’ Morganville full of the drama and vampires. Book 1 left Claire Danvers and her friends there was a big ‘o cliffhanger, book 2 picks up moments later. Shane’s dad just rolled in with his biker / vampire killin’ friends. And “hold on, Claire Bear! Next stop, Crazytown!”

This book is better than the 1st one with more character development and more questions answered. Caine also introduces new characters into the story that add a level of complexity that the 1st book did not. We also learn that everything that happens to Claire and her friends really has nothing to do with her or them, “and everything to do with history.” I’m guess that’s why there are 15 books in the series, there is a whole lot of history to cover.

While I realize this book is fluff it does deal with gang rape. Well, Caine deals with it badly. Oh so very badly. One minute a character is being ruffed about to be raped by 4 guys and the next everyone is in a closet scared, holding hands. And then the whole I’m sorry, no hard feelings. Uh no. No. No. NO. A day later this character is making out with her boyfriend. In what universe does that happen? I’m not big on the soap box but a lot of young girls read this and it gives off the impression that you just get over an attempted gang rape. And because of that, I wouldn’t recommend this book. The way that was handle left a bad taste in my mouth. Yes it’s a story, yes it’s fiction but just because it’s fiction doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be more honest especially when dealing with something as seriously as gang rape.

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