Noah Barleywater Runs Away by John Boyne

Noah I’m not sure what I expected from this book but I didn’t get it. I guess I had expected that Noah Barleywater runs away and has an amazing adventure. While, yes there is an adventure, it’s just not the one that I expected. I assumed that this was a light, fun, kid’s book. It was a magical read but it was also so very sad. Noah is just 8 years old and runs away because he is dealing with something very hard for a young child to comprehend. It tugged at my heartstrings at times.

This is supposed to be a kids book but I think most 3rd and 4th graders won’t have the patience to keep going with the story because there are so many layers. I also think that all the layers will fly over the heads of most young readers. I don’t think a kid would enjoy this but I think some adults would. I never realized where this story was going until the end, normally I don’t like that, but Boyne made it work and I really loved that. I felt the ending was full circle and magical.

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