The Eye of Zoltar (The Last Dragonslayer #3) by Jasper Fforde

16043857H.E.C.K. Y.E.A.H. I spent $29 to have this bad boy sent from the UK. There was no way I was gonna wait until October 7th for this to come out in the US. Best 29 bloody dollars I’ve spent in a while. I LOVE this book and series so much. I want to go sing its praises across the world, to haul people down to the library or books store and shove copies of The Eye of Zoltar into their hands, to wander the country like a modern-day Johnny Appleseed scattering lovely books wherever I go. Too much?

Perhaps I should explain a bit about who Jennifer Strange is and what she does, just in case you’re new to her life. She is a sixteen-year-old orphan. “Hey, no biggie, lots of kids don’t have parents here in the Kingdoms because of the huge number of people lost in the endless Troll Wars that have been going on these past sixty years.” She is spending her six years of indenture servitude, that’s what happens when you have so many orphans, with Kazam, a registered House of Enchantment run by the Great Zambini. “Kazam did what all House of Enchantment used to do: hire out wizards to perform magical feats. The problem was that in the past half-century magic had faded, so we were really down to finding lost shoes, rewiring houses, unblocking drains and getting cats out of trees. It was a bit of demeaning for the once-mighty sorcerers who work for” Kazam but hey at least it pays the bills.

The Eye of Zoltar picks ups a few weeks after The Song of the Quarkbeast. Jennifer is ‘asked’ to locate The Eye of Zoltar. However, this is in no way, shape or form is a quest. It if was a quest then she would have to “register with the International Questing Federation, adhere to their ‘Code of Conduct’” and not to mention “a minimum staffing requirement: at least one strong-and-silent warrior, a sage-like old man, and either a giant or a dwarf – all of them costs bundles, not just in salary but in hotel bills too.” So no, she is not on a quest.

Jasper Fforde’s “Dragonslayer” series is creative, hilarious, inventive, entertaining, and all-around bloody fun! The Eye of Zoltar is much more action packed than the pervious books. Written with Fforde’s usual slightly off the wall humour that I can’t get enough of, The Eye of Zoltar is a must for out of the box reading. The Eye of Zoltar comes out October 7th in the US.

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