No Place Like Oz (Dorothy Must Die Prequel) by Danielle Paige

17331483Yes, yes, I know what prequel means. Yes, yes, I probably should have read this BEFORE I read Dorothy Must Die.

In No Place Like Oz, we see Dorothy two years after her returned home from Oz and she is having a bit of a crisis. How can you return to black and white once you’ve lived in full color? Dorothy doesn’t really know how, and all she wants is to go back to Oz. But most of all, Dorothy misses the fame and the adventure. In Oz, she isn’t “just another prairie girl,” she is Dorothy, the Witchslayer and she demands respect. I quite enjoyed watching Dorothy turn wicked. There is something a bit disturbing and ‘fun’ about witnessing an icon turn nasty, petty, and evil.

I liked this soooo much more than Dorothy Must Die. It just kinda makes me a little more disappointed that Dorothy Must Die wasn’t as good as the prequel. Where Dorothy dragged No Place Like Oz moved at a quick enough pace to keep the reader entertained and engaged in the story. It was fun to see how Dorothy became a despotic ruler and her ‘logic’ behind it. While Paige’s writing isn’t ‘better’ in No Place Like Oz, the execution of the story is, which is probably why I enjoyed this so much more.

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