The Passage (The Passage Book 1) by Justin Cronin

6690798The Passage by Justin Cronin… … … I’m not sure if there is anything else to say, except maybe go read it.

The Passage is… oh so many things. I don’t want to give anything away or spoil the fun. It is beautiful. It is sad. It will make you happy and frustrate the heck out of you. It will rip out your heart and break it into a million pieces. I might have tossed it after one hysterical fit but hey, let’s not talk about that. It will also scare the sh*t out of you and you will sleep with all the lights on, just in case. I think the easiest way to describe it is The Walking Dead but with vampires. And yet that doesn’t do it justice.

Chapter One is probably one of the saddest and memorable stories that I have ever read. Cronin does a wonderful job of developing these characters that you can connect to. Cronin makes you love and feel for these people and then he jumps to another group of people 100 years into the future and you feel discombobulated. I was super frustrate with the book because nothing is presented in chronological order and it appears that none of it is connected. It’s like Cronin gives you these pieces of the puzzle. Ya know how when you are working on a puzzle and nothing seems to fit and you just wanna give up? Yeah, I felt that for the 1st 300 or so pages. But then magically all the pieces start coming together and, well, head explosion cuz it’s so freaken awesome.

The Passage is one of those books that stays with you. You find yourself randomly thinking about it, even dreaming about it. Okay, okay they are more like nightmares but still. I don’t know if I have ever had a book to linger inside of me the way this book has. Whenever I talk about it I try to avoid the ‘v’ word (vampire) because I know that some people will be turned off by it but the vampire aspect of it is just a small part of the story. How do people survive when everything is lost? What kind of person does the right and honorable thing when no one is watching? How does love survive even in death? Did I mention so freaken awesome?

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