Trial by Fire (Worldwalker Book 1) by Josephine Angelini

20613491“I’m a witch. And witches burn.” That was the tag line that got me really interested in this book. I swore that I would not buy any more books this year. I have well over 100 books that I need to try to tackle. Cut to me a few days ago knocking over a pile of books and I saw that I actually had an ARC of Trial by Fire, signed no less. Totally don’t remember when or where I got it. Possible sign that I have too many books because I have no clue what I have? Nah.

Lily Proctor is sick. Not like she has a cold sick, like she is allergic to everything, has spent a lot of time in the hospital sick. But Lily is determined to not let that get in her way. She has been invited to a party and she is going to go no matter how crappy she feels. An EpiPen and some cold water on her face should totally make her feel better. Well, of course that doesn’t work and she has an epic seizure in front of half the school. Wishing to disappear, she magically finds herself in a different Salem, one in which she is no longer sick but strong. But for what purpose is Lily brought to this world? (Dun-Dun-DUUUNNN) Of course impressively magnificent paranormal stuff happens that I won’t give away.

photo[2]So, honestly I didn’t like the first two chapters. But once Lily is transported to the different Salem the story picks up quickly and goes from predictable to an unexpected gem. Angelini nailed the paranormal aspects and I love her take on witch lore. This story is over flowing with creativity and imagination. Not only is it well written but it extremely unique. I could not put it down, to the point of where I didn’t go grocery shopping this weekend.

The 1st 6 chapters are available for free on Amazon, enjoy!

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5 Responses to Trial by Fire (Worldwalker Book 1) by Josephine Angelini

  1. I have heard of this book before… or this series …I think. Lol. But by your review, I definitely would like to give it a try! ( Just out of curiosity, is it anything like The Mortal Instruments? If you haven’t read them, that’s fine, I was just wondering. ) – madi 🙂

    • I listened to City of Bones on tape a few weeks ago and I thought it was okay. Trial by Fire is nothing like City of Bones and I actually liked Trial by Fire way better. I’m kinda shocked to say this but I think Trial by Fire will make my top 10 books of 2014 list. Like I said in the review, I did not like the 1st two chapters but the 1st 6 are free on Amazon and Barnes & Noble so you can check it out to see if you like it.

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