The Rule of Three (Rule of 3, Book 1) by Eric Walters

17934467The Rule of Three by Eric Walters has been on the pile, okay, okay, mountain to read for a while. I love me a good post apocalyptic book and this did not disappoint.

One afternoon, the computers at Adam Daley’s high school shut down. At first, everyone thinks it is a power outage but everyone soon realizes that it’s the computers that run the power grid and that run pretty much everything else have stopped working. The reader experiences through Adam’s point of view the shock and fear of resources dwindling, crises mounting and chaos. Adam has an unusual advantage because his mother is the police captain and his next-door neighbor, Herb, is a retired government something or another, it’s classified and Herb doesn’t really share. But without Herb and his knowledge on how to handle these types of ‘situations’, Adam and the rest of the community might not survive.

Walters does an excellent job of taking the reader through the process of the event. We never really know how or why the computers went down but we see the anger and fear that takes over. This book takes you through the lives of a small(ish) neighborhood and how they come together to deal with the crisis at hand, and shows how quickly and deadly panic can set in. The Rule of Three has a steady pace to it. Chaos does not happen right after the computers go dead because there is a feeling that things will be back to normal soon. As the days and weeks go by Walters does a great job of presenting how things can go from hopeful to chaos. This is the first book in the series and while it is not very action packed, I could not put it down and it is an excellent foundation to the series. The story has considerable military insight due to Herb’s background and I love how the quiet, old man is really a bad ass. The next book comes out in January 2015 and I cannot wait

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