Midwinterblood by Marcus Sedgwick

MidwinterbloodMidwinterblood by Marcus Sedgwick has been on the mountain to read for a while now.

Rumor has it that no one ages and no children are born on Blessed Island. Apparently there is an elixir that the people of Blessed make and sell on the black market. Eric Seven, a journalist, goes to the secretive island of Blessed to find out what’s really going on. Eric meets a young local woman, Merle, and he has the strangest feeling that he not only recognizes her but knows her. “And then, there is that other feeling, that somehow disturbs him even more. Why, he thinks, do I have the feeling that I have come home?” The novel has seven parts, each told from a different perspective. I don’t want to say anything more because I don’t want to give anything away.

Okay, so this book is a bit more artsy fartsy than I normally read but I am glad that I read it. Everything was so beautifully connected and the book had lovely layers that caused hours of pondering. IF I reviewed books exclusively on how long it takes me to read them, I would say that I loved this book because I blew through it in a matter of hours and I could not put it down. Yet, I feel as beautifully thought provoking as this book was, the ending was a disappointment. The book was so grand that the ‘simple’ ending didn’t do it justice. Also, I’m not sure how or why this got published as a young adult book because I’m not sure if many young adults would find this book interesting. It really seems much more like a short adult novel. Overall, I would recommend this book. It takes the reader on a wonderful ride and I’m pretty sure that no two people will read it the same way.

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