The First Part Last by Angela Johnson

148769The First Part Last by Angela Johnson was not on my radar of books that I want to read. I am sure I would have never read this if it wasn’t assigned for the class that I am taking. And honestly, I read this because it was shorter than my other option. At less than 135 pages, I figured I could suffer through it.

The First Part Last about a teenage boy named Bobby who gets a girl named Nia pregnant. He struggles between giving his baby up for adoption or keeping it. No vampires or witches here. I thought I would hate this book because I wouldn’t get invested in Bobby or the baby. Who cares about a teenage father, right?

Wrong. Johnson beautifully constructs a story where every word is relevant. What Johnson accomplishes in less than 135 words is breathtaking paramount. I did not think I would relate to or care about Bobby. I mean it is so short, how can an author build that connection? Well, somehow Johnson does. I am so blown away by how powerful this book was. Even if you don’t want to read about an urban teen that is a father, read this. You will be glad you did.

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