Forever by Judy Blume

BlumeJudy Blume is like apple pie or something. She is a stable in the literary world. I am ashamed to admit that before Forever I never read any of her books.

Forever is about Katherine and Michael and their relationship. It deals with an intense and exclusive relationship, with a future all planned.

My initial reaction to this book was very negative. I was shocked that I wouldn’t like Blume’s writing. After all she is like apple pie and who doesn’t like that? Katherine and Michael relationship is lame. I did not find it remotely believable. But after I stepped back my view of the book changed. It was written in 1975 and maybe, maybe their relationship could happen that way in 1975. Whatever. What I came to respect about the book is how smart Katherine was with the sexual relationship. She goes and gets birth control, which isn’t exactly rocket science but I don’t know of another teenage book that does birth control and protection as honestly as this. It’s been banned for just that reason.

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