Zombillenium, Vol 3. Control Freaks by Arthur de Pins

ZombilleniumThis past week I attended Book Expo of America (BEA). I was standing in line for something or another and I looked over and saw Zombillenium, Vol. 3: Control Freaks. (SQUEAL) The publisher did not have a gallery of it (BOO) but on my last day at BEA I decided that I would read it right there in the middle of the chaos of the Javits Center.

I cracked open Control Freaks and magically the pandemonium that is the BEA went silent and I was transported to Zombillenium, a horror-themed park run by actual monsters. For 45 minutes I stood there bewitched, trying to devour all the awesomeness that is Zombillenium. Zombillenium like all theme parks must deal with shareholders, and the parks numbers aren’t so great. A consult is brought in to help CEO Francis Von Bloodt manage the park. The employees are freaked out that this consultant will cause massive lay-offs but things work differently when monsters run the show. (Insert diabolical laughter here.)

No spoilers here but I love how Vol. 3: Control Freaks answered some linger questions from Vol 1. Gretchen and Vol 2. Human Resources. There is this delicate balance of answering just enough questions, while at the same time giving us new questions to ponder. de Pins excels at this like no other. This is easily my top favorite book of 2015.

Zombillenium, Vol. 3: Control Freaks comes out August 1, 2015. If you haven’t already checked this series out, you really should. You will not be disappointed. Zombillenium, Vol. 4 won’t be out for a while because de Pins is working on the movie version of Zombillenium. (SQUEAL) There is a Zombillenium short , it doesn’t really do it justice but it does give you a little taste of the awesomeness.

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