Fated (Alex Verus #1) by Benedict Jacka

11737387Fated (Alex Verus #1) by Benedict Jacka

Fated by Benedict Jacka was never on my radar. Evil BookBub informed me that it was free or almost free. I then read someone about how Harry Dresden would like Alex Verus tremendously and well I figured why not?

Alex Verus is a mage, a diviner. He can see into the future. Alex is part of a world hidden in plain sight, running a magic shop in London. Due to his ability to see into the future, he is approached by multiple factions to crack open a artifact from a long-ago war. Everyone after this artifact is willing to kill to get it. Alex of course is in the middle of all the action and that is not a safe place to be. (Dun, Dun, DUUUUNNNN!!!)

I think within the first few pages I fell in love with this book and with Alex and the universe that he lives in. I love the dry whit and humor mixed in with fight scenes. I love that Jacka jumps right into the story and does not waste my time with chapter after chapter setting things up. Alex, who severs as the narrator, does a great job of filling the reader in as the story goes along. I loved all the characters, both human and non-human. Basically there is a lot of love towards this book. This is one of those books that caused me to want to start a book blog because I just want everyone to read it and enjoy the awesomeness. (Too mushy?) In other words, I could not put this down. Apparently, I really like the guns and magic combo. 😉 That being said, some of this was pretty predicable but the journey towards the predicable was anything but. I enjoyed this so much that yes I am already reading book two.

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