Half Bad (The Half Bad Trilogy #1) by Sally Green

18079804Half Bad follows a boy named Nathan, who lives in a world where good witches (white) and bad witches (black) exist. Nathan, however, is unique because he is half good and half bad. His father is the most notorious black witch alive. His mother, a white witch, is dead and presumably killed herself because of Nathan. To complicate matters, Nathan is a product of an affair and his three older half siblings are from his mother’s marriage. Nathan lives a life facing constant prejudice from all sides but he is just trying to survive and figure out if he is good or bad. But of course nothing is that simple and nothing is as it seems.
I’ve been struggling to read, which is pretty shocking. I’ve started about 4 or 5 books and couldn’t really get into any of them. Half Bad has been on “the list” for months and I wasn’t expecting much but I was pleasantly surprised. It delivered a feeling to me that I haven’t come across since reading Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo. I literally could not put Half Bad down which hasn’t happened in months. While the story might not be very original, I love how the writing style is original and unique. I was hooked from page one, and I am already reading the next book.

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