The Fight For Power (Rule of 3, Book 2) by Eric Walters

21469162 In The Rule of Threeone afternoon, the computers shut down and throw Adam Daley’s world into catastrophic power failure. We got to witness the minutes, days, and weeks after this event. Book two, Fight for Power, picks up seconds later where the 1st book ended. We are now no longer dealing with the minutes, days and weeks after the event. Walters now explores what happens to Adam’s community following the weeks and months after the power failure. Adam, his mother the police caption, and Herb, the retired government something or another, it’s classified, all must walk a fine line between being a villain and being a victim in this new world.

As in the 1st book, Walters does an excellent job setting a steady pace. Nothing feels rushed and yet the book is not slow. I really enjoyed the struggle of being a villain versus being a victim. Walters brings to life real situations that constantly have the main characters struggling to maintain their humanity in an inhuman world. Sure this act will kill our humanity but at least we will be alive, right? I think what really makes this book and series stand out is that I have no clue where Walters is taking all of this and yet it is all so believable. The ending was breathtaking and heart pounding. Thankfully, book 3 is already out and yup I am reading it next.

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