Half Lost (Half Bad, Book 3) by Sally Green

20814993Once upon a time, Nathan Byrn was in love with Annalise. That was of course before she did the unthinkable. Now all Nathan can think about is getting his revenge. But the Alliance needs Nathan now more than ever if they are going to win the war against the White Witches Council. Can Nathan put aside his revenge to see the bigger picture?

(Sigh.) I was super excited to read Half Lost. I really enjoyed the other books. For whatever reason, this did not grab me. The end though…. oh the end… After finishing the book, I think Green wastes too much time on Nathan’s revenge story when she could have really developed the end in greater detail. In the end Nathan really evolves as a character and I found that so much more interesting than the rest of the book. Like the first 250 pages did nothing for me. The last 30 or so were amazing and I think it is a missed opportunity because like I said Green really could have developed that more.

Over all, a satisfying and unexpected end to the story. I wouldn’t recommend you run out and read it but I do think you should read it.

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