The City of Mirrors (The Passage Book 3) by Justin Cronin

imageI’m struggling to write a review for this because how do you review perfection? The City of Mirrors in a way mirrors The Passage in that they are both beautiful and sad. Both will make you happy and frustrate the heck out of you. Both will rip out your heart and break it into a million pieces. And yet, strangely The City of Mirrors has an overall uplifting ending. (That is all I am going to say, no spoilers here.)

This book like the others starts out slow. We are given puzzle pieces throughout the story and of course when they all come together and you begin to see the larger picture, which results in head explosion goodness. I am very happy to say that The City of Mirrors answers a lot of questions. However, what was the most mind blowing was how the entire book fit into place with the other books. Each book has been its own puzzle but now I also realize that each book fits together with the other books creating an even larger complete puzzle. What I also found just amazing is that The City of Mirrors provides the reader with the information or insight that allows the reader to ask the right questions of The Passage. So, certain answers are in book one but you don’t know it because you didn’t know what to ask when you were reading book one. Maybe that doesn’t make sense.

But hopefully this will make sense; The City of Mirrors comes out May 24th. GO and buy it NOW. By far this is one of the best satisfying conclusions to a series. You will not be disappointed.

A MASSIVE thank you to the publisher for sending me an advance reader copy.

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