Trollhunters (Trollhunters Book 1) by Guillermo Del Toro and Daniel Kraus

25269311I’m not sure why or what made me put Tollhunters by Guillermo Del Toro and Daniel Kraus on my list but magically it found it’s way there.

In San Bernadino in the late 1960s, almost 200 hundred children went missing in what became known as The Milk Carton Epidemic. Years later, Jim Sturges Jr. is fifteen and lives alone with his paranoid father. Ever since his father lost his older brother in The Milk Carton Epidemic, he has been terrified of the dark. Steel shutters cover their windows, ten locks secure their front door, and the flood lights and security cameras pick up anything that lurks outside. Jim never quite understands his fathers paranoia, that is until the day that he’s dragged through a hole beneath his bed and sees his first troll.

The concept of the story was intriguing, which helped me get through the 1st 140 or so pages that I was struggling to get through. The set up dragged and while not exactly boring, it also didn’t grab me. Once the point of the story was explained, somewhere around page 140, this went surprisingly fast. The 1st half of the book took me weeks to get through and the last half took me hours. If this is geared towards 14 year old boys, I’m not sure they would stick with it so long. Overall I did enjoy it and am open to reading book two when it comes out but I am disappointed that it took so long for it to get good.

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