The Boy Who Knew Too Much, Munchem Academy, Book 1 by Commander S.T. Bolivar, III

28963895The world’s greatest thief has to start somewhere and for Mattie Larimore that is Munchem Academy. Told from the very honest perspective of Commander S.T. Bolivar, III, those other books don’t know the real story of Mattie. See Mattie Larimore used to be the good son but that was before Mattie stole a train, got caught, and was sent to Munchem Academy, the world’s greatest reform school. Or is it? The whole place is just a little off and Mattie has to get out FAST. But when Mattie finds out that his brother is in trouble, he must find his inner hero and save not only his brother but the school.

Eh. I think I liked the narrator more than the book. I really want to like this book more than I did just because I really want to support the positive message of the book however the story was average. I guess there is nothing wrong with that. Of course not every story can blow you away. It’s a solid story, with interesting characters and a solid development of the series. That being said, I don’t see myself wanting to read book 2.

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