Teen Frankenstein (High School Horror Story, Book 1) by Chandler Baker

25663529It is a dark and stormy night when Victoria Frankenstein, Tor, accidentally hits someone with her car. And she sorta kills him. But all is not lost–Tor, being the scientific genius and all, she brings him back to life…but does she create a monster or just uncover the person there waiting to be unleashed???

I picked up the ARC (advance reader copy) of Teen Hyde but of course ya gotta read book 1 before you can read book 2. While I loved the concept of this book, the execution wasn’t really there. This re-telling of Frankenstein was a bit too cheesy for me. Everything felt flat. Sure there was an unknown murder on the loose but I never felt scared or threatened for the characters involved. I actually never felt anything for any of the characters. During the last 75 pages or so things got very interesting. The story became deliciously dark but all of this came from left field and so I’m on the fence as to if it worked or not.

I will say that I enjoyed the set up for Teen Hyde. We were very briefly introduced to the character and I am intrigued enough to give book 2 a shot. That being said, I think Teen Frankenstein is a book you should check out of the library and not necessarily spend money on.

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