Caraval (Caraval #1) by Stephanie Garber

27883214Ever since Scarlett was a little girl she has wanted to go to Caraval. Caraval a magical, invite only, game. It took Scarlett 7 years, 7 letters to the Caraval Master to receive the exclusive invitation. But she is no longer a child who believes in magic. When Scarlett’s sister runaway to the Caraval without her, Scarlett reluctantly goes after her. It’s only a game after all, a world built on make-believe. Or is it?

Sure, it’s a game indeed, a treacherous game that you can lose yourself in at any moment, but it’s not a competition. I’m not going to elaborate, because I’d have to reveal some things that will spoil surprises. But it’s good, so good. It plays with the reader so well. The reader in me couldn’t help but try to guess where this was going and if that character(s) is good or bad, etc. But even though I kept trying to figure things out, I still ended up being delightfully surprised. That being said, Scarlett was annoying as all get out for about 90% of this book. It seriously took her long enough to lose the naiveté. I seriously wanted to slap her throughout the book, get a clue woman. But the last 30 or so pages, Scarlett finally, FINALLY sees the light. It’s a great start to the series. While I am totally going to read book 2, I am not dying to read book 2.

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